Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Air disaters on the increase

Did any one count how many planes crashed lately? The frequency of these crashes is really worrying the frequent air travellers.This may indirectly affect the Sabah tourism industry.Myabe people will prefer travelling by sea now.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Please post news about your organisations' events

Due to work commitment I might not be able to post as often as I wish the next few weeks.
Please help keep this blog active,events organisers are invited to post your event schedules here.
However,MLM and affiliate advertisements are not encouraged.

I read about the unfair handling of the selection of MSSB gymnastic team today.The Sabah Sports Council claims that the Sports Committee in the Education Ministry had selected unqualified candidates as representatives,while 3 candidates with Junior Certificate(what is this?) were side-lined.
It is really sad that young students are exposed to the crocked ways of the grown-ups at such an early age!
My kid (she is in another sports) suffered the same fate 2 years ago.She was announced to be included in the State team by the working committee immediately after the selection tournament. After few months of intensive training,she packed her bag and was ready to go.On the eve of departure,I received a phone call from the school informing me that my kid was dropped from the team by the education department because there was a mistake.
I called the education department and met a stooge from that department to find out what the mistake was (if there was really a mistake).He explained they rechecked the scores and found the mistake,which I could not accept.They should have spotted the mistake the very day of the selection tournament not after going through months of intensive training and be dropped. Even though that stooge from the education department apologized profusely,I had a very very strong urge to smash up his stupid face!
Luckily my kid was a real strong girl,she cried only for one night.