Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jalan Bundusan Upgrade's going to be April, will the developer keep his promise to complete the project by that time? Come on everyone lay your bet!

It takes me almost one hour every morning to send my kid to work just to travel the portion of road from in front JPJ to the round about(new)in front of SGCC.

I really take my hat off to the KK guys,nobody says any thing going through this ordeal day in day out. The road just past JPJ merges 2 lanes into one, then the queue-jumpers cut in from the side, practically it is 3 lanes into 1,thus forming a great Nobel prize-winning bottle neck.

That is not all, the morning exodus of the Beverly Hills Apartment residents are streaming out from 3 junctions, forming another 3 dead locks.The beauty is,there is no traffic police around to control the flow of traffic. And there is a nice beautiful police pondok just next to the jammed road.

Maybe it is not yet time for the policemen to clock in, or maybe the people inside think,"It's none of my business,my job is to take statements and issue police reports. My job does not include conducting traffic." But at least call your colleagues in the traffic division to come, not just "close one eye" mah.