Sunday, February 12, 2006

Formation of Patriotic Forum on Identity Cards (PaCiFIC)

The Patriotic Forum on Identity Cards (PaCiFIC) was formed on 14 January 2006 with several Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) as members.

Its Protem President Datuk Patrick Sindu and Secretary-General Joshua Kong told a press confrerence the purpose of this forum is to convey the people's wish of actions by the government against the ever-increasing and over-staying illegal immigrants in Sabah. It is not meant to be a pressure group. It only acts as a channel for the people to voice their concern over this matter.

They will begin a "signature drive" in May, and the result will be compiled and pass to the Yang Di Pertuan Agung (Malaysia's King), the Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi and the Cheif Minister of Sabah Datuk Musa Aman. They will not know what will be the outcome after handing in the collected signatures, but they will do "what is to be done, and face our next generations with clear conscience".

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Passengers stranded at new bus terminal

It was reported in the local news that several hundreds who had booked thier tickets much earlier could not board the long distance buses to go home at the new North Bus Terminal.

These passengers were plan to rush home to be join their families on the east coast for the reunion dinner on the Chinese New Year's eve. Apparently the "new" computer system installed at the new bus terminal srewed up and resulted in double bookings. Many passengers with legitimate tickets found their seats occupied by someone who came earlier, and these early birds also had bought legitimate tickets.

On seeing this some passengers swithched plans and travelled home by taxi (guess the taxi drivers must be laughing to the banks after the holidays!) or by air (if they could get a seat at this peak season). Others simply gave up and camped at the bus termina for the night (reunion dinner with total strangers?)

The Mayor denied the news report today,claiming that the numbers of passengers affected were around 20 or so, and they were taken care of by providing them with alternative buses. Who would you belive, 20 passengers or several hundreds passengers affected ?

But I still can't understand why did the authority insist on moving the bus terminal in a hurry? Why couldn't they wait until the mad rush home during the long festive season to be over? The answer is in one word - insensitive .