Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sabah BN has won the 13th General Election.

The main opposition parties in Sabah namely,PKR,PAS,DAP and SAPP failed to meet in a recent forum to discuss the possibility of coming to an agreement in order to face the BN one-on-one in the coming 13th General Election.
Barring any unexpected event, the Sabah BN has already won the 13th General Election even before it is started.
The only chance for the Opposition to win the election is to avoid to engage in the multi-corners tussle. Otherwise the opposition's votes will be split(divided,shared,separated,unconsolidated,diluted), and the BN will stand to gain form it huge. It is simple maths and does not need a rocket scientist to understand it.
Yet the leaders of the Opposition parties refuse to see this obvious fact. Every one of them solely relies on the unreliable ill-supported information from their followers and feels that he has all the supports of the Sabahans and does not need the co-operation of anyone.Their ego are boosted so high by their followers harping on certain victory and intend to adopt the "winner takes all" mentality.
I feel sorry for these people, I also feel sorry for the Sabahans who can't hope to see a strong Opposition front in the near future.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Harvest Festival

To all KDM friends, Happy Harvest Festival!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A RM430 Million bridge linking Semporna and Pulau BumBum

Former Chief Minister of Sabah, Tan Sri Harris Salleh criticized the Federal Government for planning to build a bridge linking Semporna and Pulau Bum Bum.The estimated costs will amount to RM340 millions.He said it would be a waste of money .I tend to agree with him on this.
This is the most puzzling decision in recent years.What is there on the Pulau Bum Bum? Except for some Sea Bajau fishermen and some accommodations for scuba divers to spend the night before being ferried to Sipadan Island, there is no other economy activities there.
Whereas in the case of Johor Causeway and the Penang Bridge their existence are justified by the active economy activities on both sides and hence the resultant heavy traffic using the bridge/causeway.But there are only the small population about 2000 on the island, do they need the bridge? If the traffic is so heavy the island may not be big enough to hold all the light and heavy vehicles!
The reason given by the government is to promote tourism.How many tourists will be attracted by this bridge every year? How many years will it take to recoup back the investment, not to mention the maintenance costs of the bridge.
Moreover, maybe the tourists prefer a boat ride instead of a bus ride, because it will add excitement to their journey. Think about it.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sabah Opposition is not united

Looking at things as it is now, BN is sure to have a land slide win again in the coming general election.

It is very clear that DAP and SAPP are not going to cooperate with each other in order to avoid votes splitting. Both parties are over confident of themselves, both believe that they only have the sole support of the Sabahans.

One will say," we are local party, you West Malaysia party will be rejected by Sabahans lah!"

While the other will say," we are the largest opposition party in the country, you mosquito party move over lah!"

And the BN will collect the votes laughing all the way to the Parliament and the State Assembly!

Poor childish and selfish politicians,stop fighting among yourselves!