Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Unfair To Raise Electricity Tariff

The Malaysia National Energy Board (Tenaga) is planning to raise the electricity tariff in Sabah, meaning comsumers inSabah will have the pay the same rates as their counter parts in Penisular Malaysia.
This is utterly unfair, the west Malaysian states are enjoying reliable and stable electricity supply whereas the power interruptions in Sabah are much more frequent as compared to that in West Malaysia.
Until and unless our electricity supply is on par with that in West Malaysia in the following areas, it is unfair to talk about a uniform rates :
  • availibility (how long the supply is available before the next power interruption)
  • reliability (how steady is the supply regarding spikes and drops)
  • supports (how responsive are the staff to requests for help)

We should get what we paid for, period.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Menggatal and Telipok under 4-foot of flood water again

With the 7-7 2005 floods still fresh in their memory, the residents of Menggatal and Telipok found their houses in 4-foot flood water again.
The residents should do something about it and not just complaining in the news papers. It is useless to complaint, the authorities will simply give some unacceptable explaination and forget about it. What they should do is to form a "flood compensations" committee to take court actions against the Sabah state government and the local town boards for damages.