Friday, August 30, 2013

LDP is experiencing an earthquake

The tremour did not happen in that link between 1U and IOI in KL namely Lebuhraya-Damansara-Puchung (LDP).
It happened in that tiny party in Kudat namely Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).
The party chairman is facing the challenge for the top post in the party from the deputy chairman in partnership with the secretary-general, with the huha-huha from 20+ members of the party's supreme council.
The outcome of the power struggle depends very very much on the stance taken by the Chief Minister, it depends on where his nose is pointing.When he sneezes, whoever got blown away to the foothills of Mt. Kinabalu will of course lose and will disappear from the Sabah political scene for good.
Let's wait a few days or weeks to see the result.Be sure to check back, I will blog about it, should be interesting!

Hiew King Cheu resigned as Sabah DAP Advisor

After toiling hard for more than 10 years to revive DAP Sabah, Dr Hiew King Cheu had resigned from the position of Advisor to DAP Sabah. He built DAP Sabah from the ground up, from zero Assemblyman and Member of Parliament to 4 now. But someone else reaped the fruit!
According to Dr Hiew,his reason for quitting the post was due to 4 of his colleagues, who are also State Assemblymen, complained to the disciplinary board and urged actions to be taken against him. They wanted him to support Tamparuli assemblyman Datuk Wilfred Bumburing for the post of state opposition leader in June, but he supported PKR’s Datuk Lajim Ukin instead.
Dr Hiew has been the Sabah DAP chairman for the past 10 years,but was ousted by Jimmy Wong with the help of a group of young leaders in the 2012 party election. Ironically, Jimmy Wong has been a long time lone ranger, performing street protests by himself all these years. It was Dr Hiew who brought him into the fold of DAP, only to be pulled down by him later! Typical examples of "引狼入室" and "Bagai kacang lupakan kulit".Apparently Sabah DAP is going through a process of purging seasoned leaders.
Prior to ganging up on Dr Hiew, the young Turks in the party had edged former party vice chairman,Edward Ewol Mujie, out of the party on the eve of the 2013 general election. Obviously it was a big mistake for Dr Hiew to stand on the sideline to let Edward fight on his own. Now it is his turn. He should have joined force with Edward to fight the young Turks. Well, it is too late now.
It hurts one's heart to look at Dr Hiew's grey and receding hair line and his white beard. Time and the job has certainly taken its toll on this man. But sooner or later he has to leave the party he nurtured back to life from near defunct and not enjoy the fruits. Compare the above picture of him when he was younger.If ever he leaves, look up to Lee Lam Thye for directions. Lee was another unhappy leader who left DAP many years back. He did not join BN, but he is able to play a useful role in the social arena.Way to go Dr Hiew, Sabah version of Lee Lam Thye!