Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sabah's Oldest Chinese Cemetery Vanished

The president of the Kota Kinablau Chinese Chamber Of Commerce Datuk Sari Tan disclosed in a press conference yesterday that the oldest Chinese cemetery in Kota Kinabalu, the Hokkein - Cantonese Cemetery dose not exist according to the Land and survey Department of Sabah. Datuk Tan said he and his colleagues at the KKCC had applied for a land tittle for the said cemetery for past one year and a half. He said they had gone from one government department to another to get the approval without any success.
The reason given by the Land office to refuse approving the title is because there is no sign of any graves in the piece of land in question. Datuk Tan and his group has shown photographs with dooms clearly in view, but was not accepted as proof by the Land office.
The Land office said that the piece of land belongs to the Japanese Cemetery and The Sabah Sports Council. The Sports Council is planning to lease out the land to the Women Association Of Sabah to build their headquarter building.
Children and relatives of those who are buried in the Hokkien - Cantonese Cemetery should act fast to prevent the land to fall into others' hands. Don't wait until you hear the sound of bull dozers and the bones of your ancestors laying around exposed to dry under the hot sun like salted fish. We Chinese beleive this is very bad for feng sui and all your current success, big cars, comfortable condominiums will vanish quickly. So enjoy it while it lasts.