Wednesday, August 31, 2005

ANS Exhibition

Arkib Negeri Sabah is currently holding an exhibition about the history of Sabah at Palm Square,4th Floor, Center Point Sabah.
Many rarely shown old photographs and document of great historical significance are in display there. I urge you to pay a visit to the show,better still if you can bring along your children.You will have a better understanding of the Sabah's history.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sabah government and police sued by businessman

A young businessman from Sabah is suing the government and the police for wrongfully bringing him to the courts,and then acquitted.He is demanding for damages amounting more than RM4 millions.
What has become of Sabah courts nowaday? It has been turned into the playground for the rich and powerful!

Friday, August 26, 2005

The missing accused of Sabah courts

The Sabah High Court Judge remarked that there is an alarming rates of accused jumping bails and wanted the police and the Public Prosecutor office to explain. The Attroney-General in turns blamed the court for granting bails to the accused without studying the backgrounds of the accused and the severity of the cases involved. No wonder the crime rates in on the rise too!

I also observed a new trend in Sabah courts recently.There too many cases of accused being acquited (buang case). Some cases are extremely serious ones,like murder,drug-traffic and possesion of fire-arms.Who is to be blamed for these cases?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Welldone Sabah tourism operators

The Malaysia Tourism Award Night was held on 19th August.
Participants from Sabah has won 9 first places from 51 categories.This is really good,meaning we almost sapu 1/5 of all the top places! keep it up and bring in more tourists.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Civic minded drivers wanted

As stated in my post Friday you will see many reports on road accidents on Monday.
This morning news report regarding an accident involving a patient-carrying ambulance.This got to be the top!
According to the report,the ambulance had its siren on full blast,yet somebody not only did not give way to the ambulance but also rammed into it causing it to land on its side.What kind of driver is that? Didn't his school teache him civic?
I guess civic classes not only needed to be taught in the schools,but also needed in driving schools where the driving instructors should teach their students road manners and civic mindedness.

Friday, August 19, 2005

It's Friday,eve of the weekends!
I can feel the excitement floating in the air.
Parents please remind your kids that weekends is for relaxations not to get into troubles.Stay away from drunkardness,drugs,fights and illegal racings.
It's always sad to read on Monday morning the bad news about injuries due to fights,accidents,etc ocurred during the weekends....
The car companies are promoting "zero" deposit policy to push their sales,and this has helped to worsen the situation. Those young dare-devils on motor cycles who are saving up to purchase a car,sudenly find that they do not have to save and wait for a long time till the day they can own a car comes.They can do so right now!
So they have their own Kancil overnight,but they have not changed their habits while on the highways.To change from motor cycle riders to car drivers.They drive as if they are still rideing their motor cycles,cutting in and out of lanes,going on full throttle..This is the reason the increase of accidents involving Kancils and other smaller cars lately.
I dread reading news on Monday and after public holidays.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Minimum Rates For 5-star hotel rooms next year

The government announced that the minimum rate for a room in a 5-star hotel/resort will be fixed at USD 80.00 starting next year.
This draws a lot of objections from hoteliers and the tourism induxtry.They fear this move will have a negative effect on Malaysia's tourism industry.Sabah will feel this effect particurly strong,bacause tourism plays a significant roll in Sabah's economy.
Our tourism industry's selling point is to offer first class facility at second class fares.We will lose this competitive advange over the neighbouring countries with the new ruling imposed. Our neighbours can compete with us in prices but not in facility quality.Comparing apple to apple we are much cheaper. We hope the government will change their mind on this.

Sabah Tea Adventures Race has successfully completed. Top places in all categories are won by local participants beating competitors from Italy,Germany,The UK,Australia,Phillipines,Indonesia.....Sybas!

There will be an orchird exhibition this month,please be on the look out.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

YB Chong Kah Kiat Officiated Hand Crafts Center

The handicrafts center housed at the Wawasan Plaza is officiated by the Minister Of Tourism,YB Chong Kah Kiat on 12th August 2005. This center boasts of 23 stalls all selling genuine Sabahan native hand crafts. He said that foreign tourists love to buy our local hand crafts as souvenirs but were misled by the tour guides to buy Phillipino crafts at the Phillipino stalls in the past. He hoped this sad case of mistrust will end with the opening of this center.
He also urged the stall owners to play their part by displaying quality products.

(There was a handicrafts center similar to this at the Karamunsing Complex.Why was it a flop? Due to the betrayal of the tour guides or due to the tidak-apa attidue of the stall owners themselves,or both?)

The Sabah Tea Plantation Adventures Race has started today.Over 110 participants are fighting the many prizes up for grab.More and more foreign participants are taking part now.It's a real good sign!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Land Below The Winds

Visit Sabah-land below the winds(The Trade Winds that is) while it is still beautiful before human's greed destroys it.