Thursday, December 29, 2005

Abnormal increase of population rate

The Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah,Datuk Pairin Kittingan, is echoing the concerns raised by the human rights commission in Sabah that there is an abnormal increase of Sabah's population over the decades (69,790 in1970 to 3 millions today). He is worried that many illegal immigrants are been absorbed into the population becoming Sabah citizens.
If this is true the original local citizens will be out numbered by illegal-turned-citizens. It sends chill down one's spine on hearing this.
Then it will be quite possible that Sabah may have a Filipino or Indon Chief Minister one day! If this alient CM decided to break away from Malaysia and joined forces with dissidents from Acheh (Indonesia) and Zamboanga (southern Phillipines),to form a new country Sab(ah)indo(nesia)zam(boanga)-->SABINDOZAM,there will not be peace in this region any more!
The Acheh diisidents signed the peace agreement with the Indonesian government recently not because they wanted peace,they are buying time to recover from the Tsunami disaster and waiting for the conditions in Sabah to be ripen.
Conspiracy or my own fantacy?

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