Monday, July 14, 2008

Major crackdown on illegal immigrants soon

Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia,Tan Sri Najib Tun Razak announced that the government will take action to flush out the illegal immigrants living in Sabah.It was flashed across the front pages of all local news papers last month. But the response from the public was cold,they think this is just another round of empty promise from the government on this issue,no difference from many other similar announcements made before over the years.
But this time it is from the Deputy Prime Minister himself, not any low ranking minister like before.No one in Sabah believes he is sincere in his intention,most people think it is just a move to shift public attention from other issues which are sticking to him right now.
Even senior government officers are negative in their opinions.The Assistant Director of the Federal Special Task Force (whose sole duty is to solve the illegal immigrants problems in Sabah) said that the success of this move is very much dependent on the readiness of the verious systems and authorities to tackle the problems.He went on to list out the 5 major reasons why the efforts to solve the illegals problems failed in the past.
He claimed that the FSTF is ready to accommodate more illegals with the setting up of 2 additional temporary detention camps.Reading between the lines,one can feel that he is implying the other authorities are not ready yet.
At the same time the Chief Police Officer of Sabah is afraid that the police force is short of man power.However,he said the police department will try its best to make this exercise a success.Again,one has to read between the lines to catch his real meaning.
If there is one issue that has the same opinion from all the Sabahans,it is the illegal immigrants issue.It has been with us for more than 30 years now.And the government still does not seem to have a clue as how to solve it.
To help solve this problem,we Sabahans need to cooperate with the government by taking the following steps:

(1) Stop renting you house or land to illegal immigrants.Of course,in so doing you will lose some incomes.But think about the safety of your loved ones and family,isn't it more important than money?

(2) Hire locals as far as possible.Do not ever hire any imported worker who does not have any proper travel document and work permit.

(3)Town board workers who are entrusted with the task to dismantle the illegal houses should do the job yourselves and destroy the building materials. Do not be lazy and let the illegals to dismantle the houses and save the materials to rebuild their houses soon after you have left.

(4)Policemen should not accept bribes from illegals when they are caught.If you let them go freely, who knows they may bounce into your children later and hurt them.I mean how do the illegals know they are your children unless you let them wear police uniforms,too.

(5)Hospital staff should not accept bribes for issuing false Sabahan birth certificates to new born babies of illegal immigrants.Otherwise these babies will grow up to be Sabahans legally and fight for job opportunities with your children one day.

(6)Staff of National Registration Department should not accpet bribes for issuing false Sabahan ICs to illegal immigrants. This is equivalent to committing an act of treason,and should be sent to the firing squad.Many of those who obtained their ICs this way may have joined the armed forces and the police.They maybe even entrusted with the duty to round up,to deport the illegal immigrants (their brothers) to their home countries.Won't it be the biggest joke?

(7)Last but not least,do not be a SUPER hypocrite by complaining about the illegal immigrants on one hand, and providing them with employement and shelters on the other.

I really miss those days when I did not have to lock my house and my car. I still remember I brought my wife (then still girl friend)to visit a friend in Kuala Lumpur back in the 70's.We waited for a good 10 minutes outside my friend's house for him to unlock through the series of locks while my wife whispered to me,"why your friend so weird one,locking himself up with so many locks?"
Now I will tease my wife once in a while,"why you so weird one,locking yourself up with so many locks?"

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