Thursday, September 05, 2013

LDP crisis

The former president of LDP,Datuk Chong Kah Kiat was urged by members from Kudat to come out as mediator to resolve the power struggle within the party.

But Datuk is adopting a wait and see attitude. If he sides with the rebellion, he would be accused of being "矛盾“ because the incumbent is using the party constitution to back his current action of sacking 20+ supreme council members. The party constitution has vested upon the president the power to sack any party member he sees fit, overriding even the supreme council with the backing of the presidential council.This ultimate power for the president came about through the very hand of Datuk Chong when he won a similar power struggle in the party against Kong Hon Min in the 1990s.He amended the party constitution to protect his position from future challenges. If he spoke against Datuk VK Liew, he will be slapping his own face.

On the other hand, if he sides with the incumbent, he will be going against the grass root members. Moreover, it is obvious that the rebellion has the blessing of outside forces.

Therefore Datuk Chong remains impartial.

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