Saturday, March 16, 2013

Leader of Sulu terrorist group,Azizmuddie Kiram,fled Lahad Datu

The Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar announced that Azizmuddie Kiram, the leader of the 200 Sulu Terrorists who intruded into Lahad Datu on 12 February 2013,has fled Sabah abandoning his followers to fend for themselves.Azizmuddie is also the younger brother of the Manila based so-called Sulu Sultan.Note that there are currently 11 persons claiming to be the lawful Sulu Sultan. Very confusing. At the beginning,the Malaysian government were trying to persuade the armed group to leave peacefully,thinking that since both sides are Muslims it is better to settle it this way. However,things turned out not to be this way, you consider them as "brothers" but they consider you as "enemies".
On 1 March,a gun-battle broke out between the two sides,2 Malaysian policemen and 12 Sulu terrorists were killed. The very next day a Malaysian police patrol was ambushed by a band of Sulu terrorists at a coastal village near Semporna also on the east coast of Sabah.This time 6 police men and 6 Sulu terrorists were killed. Further more,19 Malaysian police personnel were pinned down by the Sulu terrorists and had to be rescued by reinforcement from the armed forces. Under public pressure,the government has no choice but to take drastic actions, by launching air strikes followed by sending in armored vehicles with soldiers to break the armed group on 5 March.This was followed up with the police clean up operations, searching for the terrorists door-to-door. Up till today (15 March),61 Sulu terrorists were killed,97 persons were arrested under SOSMA,another 233 persons were arrested for entering the "Red Areas" illegally.Whereas 10 police and armed forces personnel were killed.Operations are continued to clean up any remains of the terrorists.
The reason given by the armed group is to claim Sabah as their land,as Sabah was once gifted to the Sulu Sultanate by the Brunei Sultanate until it was leased to the British between 19 April 1851 and 26 June 1946,and they ignored the fact that it was later passed over to the newly formed Malaysia on 1963.
What puzzled me is that why didn't they claim the Sulu Islands which bear the same name as the Sultanate? If they take over Sabah,what will happen to the Sabahans not of Sulu origin? Are they going to be driven out of Sabah, or they will have to call themselves Sulus also?
It is estimated that there are around 800,000 Sulus living in Sabah, some illegally while some have obtained Malaysian citizenship.This fact has worried many Sabahans and I had blogged about it few years back.Sabah,or the whole nation for that matter, is like a person being infected by HIV virus.The virus are the Sulus in our mist, that is why it was so difficult to clean up the remains of the terrorists,why our forces being ambushed so easily and why Azizmuddie Karim can slip through the cordon put up by our armed forces.The simple reason is because they are aided by the HIV virus hiding in our nation's system!
There are also NGOs from overseas and within Malaysia which demand to be allowed into the battle zones to care for the terrorists on humanitarian grounds.What numb skulls filled with straw! What we are dealing with here are not human, they are animals.Our men were killed by them in non human ways. Moreover, it is common sense that no people are supposed to enter these zones for security purposes, why must they insist on going inside? They want to upset the armed forces' plans? Or they intend to allow themselves to be taken hostages on purpose? Now that the leader has escaped, will they still vow to fight to the last bullet?

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